With a passion for all things beautiful, Lori has a sought after “eye” when it comes to dressing, accessorizing and decorating! Lori has styled many friends and acquaintances and worked as a decorator and stylist, making over closets and homes in the Greater Pittsburgh area. This keen eye for style is the product of her 20+ years of experience working in fashion and retail.

From brick and mortar to corporate, the layers of influence from The Limited, American Eagle, Cache, and Pier 1 Imports, have molded Lori’s philosophy for fashion. What makes YOU feel beautiful and comfortable in YOUR body is the key to what makes Lori’s business model unique. No two people are alike and no two closets should be either. If you’re interested in learning more about Lori’s stylist services and how Mack and Mario can personalize your closet, give her a shout!

Q. What inspired the idea for a mobile fashion boutique? 
A. Out west on a ski trip … I saw a mobile boot truck and fell in love.

Q. And the name, Mack and Mario, where does that come from?
A. I’ve got to credit my daughter Annabelle with that one!  We were outside in the yard with our two dachshunds when we were tossing around names for the business.  Half kidding she said, ‘Mom, Mack and Mario would be a great name!’  I think I just laughed and didn’t think much about naming a business after our two pups … the name just stuck.

Q. What type of experience have you had in the fashion industry?
A. I’ve always been in retail - I absolutely love it; it’s just in my blood. I’ve done quite the rounds in the retail world. I’ve had the opportunity to work on the store as well as corporate side of the fashion industry - from the Limited, Cache, American Eagle to Pier 1.  The beauty of what I’m doing now is that I have the best of both worlds, store and corporate all in one happy little truck!

Q. What excites you about taking your fashion truck to a customer’s house for a get-together with their friends and family? 
A. Knowing that their expectations are going to be blown away!  You know when you get that invite to some sort of party that you’re expecting it to be just like the last one you went to? Well--not so! I love when customers come in the truck and cannot get enough of what they're seeing.  And when they are sharing that along with friends and family, it is such a fun awesome experience and most can’t wait for the next party!

Q. Considering the limited space, where are you when people are perusing the truck?
A. I always say it’s like a party with your girlfriends in a fabulous closet!  The more the merrier and I’m right there with them showing the girls what I think they need to enhance their own style and look.

Q. Your truck seems to have a nice blend of modern decor and vintage pieces that you use to display your clothes and accessories. What is your favorite detail?
If I have to pick just one …. it has to be the old dresser. It came from a tag sale from an Ohio farmhouse. I’ve used it in my home forever, but knew it was the perfect piece for the truck.

Q. What brands or styles have influenced your fashion philosophy?
A. No matter the ‘label’ on a piece of apparel, the piece really has to make you feel fantastic.  Sometimes we want to feel good while being casual and other times we want to be a little more edgy.  It’s all about key pieces that you can re-invent within your wardrobe.  But, with that said, if I have to choose a ‘brand’ or style I have to admit I’m a Sundance junkie!

Q. The most treasured item in your closet is ... 
A.  A pair of cowboy boots that I bought out west – I’ve had them re-soled at least three times!

Q. Where does your inventory come from? How would you describe the style of your inventory?
A. Every item on board Mack and Mario is hand-picked.  Apparel markets from Vegas, New York and Atlanta are key for inventory.  Although, in my personal travels from ski towns out west to the gulf coast I’ve met many artisans whose products have inspired me to carry them in the Mack and Mario line.  Those are always the best because they’re just not available to the masses.

Q. How do you stay up to date with trends and match that with the varying ages of your client base? 
A. Developing relationships with vendors is key.  You’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s out there and be able to get it to your customers at the right time. It’s so great getting to know the styles and interests of my customers ... when I go to market I am constantly thinking of them and I think, “That’s so great, so and so would look amazing in that.” As far as age, it’s a non-issue. I am a firm believer that if you love something and it looks great just wear it!

Q. What 3 items would you say should be in everyone's closet?
A. Hmmm … it would have to be one piece of fabulous jewelry, an all-season vest or jacket and definitely denim - everyone’s got to have that pair of jeans they can’t live without!

Q. What is the most important take-away you hope customers will have after a shopping experience with Mack and Mario?
A. It’s a bit of indulgence but affordable - Mack and Mario has things for all ages and pockets.  I love when customers feel like they now have found a go-to for those things they have never seen before ... when they know they have found those pieces that they can mix into their wardrobe and will wear time and again.